Saturday, October 21, 2006


I can't believe it. I have flooring in the front room. Beth and Gary helped me move all the furniture back into the house (again for the 6th time in two years) and it really looks like a home not a Thrift Shop. I have a pile to go to the Thrift shop though. The dishwasher is working, although when moved it sparked big, but, now the front display panel works. Umm I'm a yarn designer not a appliance repair person. Bob (the floor layer), is done with Tanglewood Fiber Creations. After finding that the baseboard was the wrong size departed as fast as the truck would carry him. I felt like he was a member of the family after living with me for a full week. I'm sure there'll be stories all over Columbia County about the going's on at Tanglewood Fiber Creations. I did tell him about the little boy ghost that lives in my house and how I felt like he was responsible for all the water excitement because he didn't like me to leave him alone with the old man ghost. Yesterday he informed me that he had a major leak at his house the night before, I asked him if he had taken the ghost with him, his look was priceless and exclaimed that he hoped not, but I haven't had a new leak in 6 days........
One of the many packages I received this week was a wonderful new color-way from Dyelots! Can't wait to show Mel. I set the yarn, plied this week and have a mountain of labeling to do before next week (Stitches East). I really have to do laundry today, knitting or spinning at the Laundromat? Emma and Don are back in Portland and are coming for dinner tonight, and Leigh Radford and Fran Zandonella are coming for lunch tomorrow, lamb stew of course. Lamb ribs have to be on the menu sometime soon, that is all that is left from last years lambs. well off to get plying.
Yours in Fiber

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