Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hang over

I'm having way too much fun. I put two more wine bottles into the recycling bin. Emma and Don came over and spent the night on Saturday, and we finished a bottle of a wine called "Naked", it was great! Then Fran Zandonella brought a great Reisling to share with Leigh Radford and I. It was such a treat to entertain in a real house. I spent yesterday trying to catch up and dry out. Much plying was done yesterday, along with the carpeting laid on the stairs and in the hallway. Now walking downstairs is a treat as the heavy padding is heaven. Don's birthday is today and I'm going into Portland to have ice cream. I have lots of yarn, hopefully enough for Stitches. Well have been at the computer for another hour, so have to go and make more yarn! Trish


Sheila E said...

Hi you....glad to hear that you are having fun!! Happy Birthday wishes to Don! Can't wait to see your house with all the new and wonderful. Won't be long now!
I too am working my rear end off for Stitches. It's gonna be Big!!
Much Love,

denise said...

Good luck at Stitches, Trish - say hello to Sheila for me!