Thursday, March 15, 2012

A long time

Everyone has been asking me about the Blog. I've either been too busy or the internet hasn't worked. It has taken two days of loading these pictures only to have the connection fail. But here they are!! 
This is playdough and dinner cooking

Emma and Beth holding Simon on the day of Simon's baptism
Beth and I went to the Dinner Theater in Portland watching Hugo in 3-D
Playdough for Tristan which was enjoyed by all!
 Don and Mark on the occasion of Mark's birthday we are waiting for the long awaited pedal bicycle!
 Here it is the dream bicycle, brand new and white and with pedals this 4 year olds dream gift.
  Emma and Simon hanging out at dinner
Spring is starting in St. Helens

This is Terry modeling a scarf that I spun and knitted for our Guild's Scarf exchange

Ms. Audrey and Marlyn spinning at the Newport Spin In. This annual event is one of my favorites but I haven't attended for years, I'm so glad I went
Meanwhile Lisa Hoffman designed this hat using beaded Fudge Icing pillow cashmere and regular cashmere. If you like this pattern call String in New York and ask Lisa for it
Meanwhile this is what a Spin-In looks like
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean a perfect warm day unusal the beginning of Febauray

All too soon I was on my way back to California, and there to greet me were all these orchids and Christmas Cacti

 I brought lots of cuttings from Oregon and Mike and I planted them up
 After we had a lovely day in the garden it was dyeing time

 Cashmere getting dye
 Becky came for a mid-winter visit and we dyed scarves this is Becky's
 Then just in time for Valentines Day the Pink Jasmine comes into full bloom and the smell was very strong
 We found this strawberry pot and repurposed it
 I saw this succulant and just had to have it
 Meanwhile yarn gets made
 We planted our spring garden and things are starting to come up
 Inside cats need grass and as soon as I brought some into the house Lily started eating
 Mike opening some of Becky's Salsa
 Lemon harvest from our trees
 I've been working on this cowl from Cowlgirls I think it works both ways right and wrong side

 and more yarn drying
 And here is our garden
 Val took me out for Tea for my birhtday even though it was months ago this was the first time we both could get together and here's dessert

 Now the real challenge of the last year. Our kitchen in California has been under construction for a year and finally counter tops are being installed

 you can't imagine how important a kitchen sink is. Having to cook outside is fine but not having hot water except for the bathroom was really hard, so happy to have hot running water I could careless when the next step happens
 and look what's happening
 My first load of dishes

 Ending with a past happy time, This scene was several years ago, happy times....
I've been working on yarn but also my personal life, balancing personal and work life has been really hard, unfortunatly only working regular hours means a lot longer for orders to get filled, balance isn't easy nor making hand-spun yarn. I'm working on it!

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