Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live

I'm with Cynthia in NYC! I have no pictures as all we have been doing is talking and cooking. There is so much yarn here lots and lots of yarn! Steven arrived safely yet tired and is already asleep.

Tomorrow we have a little work to do then it's sightseeing.

Lisa Hoffman is here knitting as well and we are learning about twitter if you tweet please follow TrishTanglewood which is different from Ravelry which is TanglewoodTrish.

Emma and Don haven't exactly floated away but there might be a slight washout of their road....ummm

Becky has fixed her washer issues

Mike has the house and Lily to's a love nest

Beth misses me and I here but will be back the second week of February.....

I've nearly finished my Gloves!

I'll post pictures tomorrow...

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