Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaving Loops

Look at this Goddess...
Surprise! Mariel joins me at Gina's house in Tulsa OK
Lynn Wilson (of Lynn Wilson Designs) had lunch with me via cell phones.... this was her view as she was in Connecticut and I was in Tulsa at Loops
Mariel at the new Loops (South) Knitting a Cowl from Cathy Carron's new book Cowlgirls. She'll be signing books on Saturday at Knitting Centrals booth
Shelley opened a new store this past August. Loops South here are some pictures of the new shop.....
Fancy yarn display
button wall
children's play room
Classroom, note the wall is magnetic and has all the wonderful garments people have made!
my favorite the bathroom light
The Brander Family took Mariel and I out for some BBQ Tulsa style. Sam ate all of these ribs in no time at all
Mariel and her finished Cowl
Gina making one of the cowls out of Tanglewood from the Cowlgirls book
Mariel and I found this while driving to Shelley's house. Don't you think I should live there!
Another day and Shelley is making dinner while feeding three children lunch and getting them off to all there events, while talking to me and managing the two stores! Whoa and people think I'm busy
Sam decorated the table for my first visit to the Brander household
It looks like all I did was eat but really I was working at both Loop location. I spun some cashmere, continued knitting on my new gloves and got to meet with a lot of Tanglewood devotees
Gina serving a great dinner
Dinner Truffled Pork Chops Wild Mushrooms from Oregon, Asparagus and Apple sauce for dessert we had the best chocolate
Tomorrow I fly to NY city to prepare for VK Live. While I'm excited to see my good friend Cynthia I'm also sad to leave the Loop Troups here in Tulsa. Steven and Val worked really hard today making yarn in 80 degree heat. I'm hoping to get to Manhattan as snow is forcast for tomorrow. Gina took me shopping and I was able to buy Steven a coat, not that he'll need one in LA, but he flies to NY on Wednesday.... Off to bed! See you at VK Live!

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Ruth said...

We hope you come back to Tulsa soon!Loops hearts Trish =)