Thursday, December 16, 2010

The last days in Paradise

The last days of the trip. Leaving Becky to sleep in I slipped away for an Island treat pancakes with "apple banana's", and Coconut Syrup. With a view of the beach. So bright the camera unable to show you the blue water and the Spinner Dolphins playing with swimmers and Parasurfers.

Having had enough sun we went to Surfing Goat Dairy for a tour and lunch,

Dinner we had in our room, and look what was outside the shop
The view from our deck
A long airplane ride, and a very cold greeting in Portland. It was a shock to the system, here are my socks..
Thanksgiving at Becky's house. The dawn was streaming in and the kitchen was ready for a big day of food
The golden sunshine of Maui in a fruit, ready for our feast....
The cold was even felt by Lily
Cleo didn't want to go out in the snow
A wonderful dinner with friends and family it was a great time. The next day we went to see the Led Zeppelin Experience.

A day in St. Helens to leave a lot of work for poor Ms. A and a long drive to Los Angeles leaving Cleo to spend the winter with Becky, since Cleo is a warm large cat and Becky's saving money for home improvement. I'm dyeing this week, Mike has given over his man cave and Steven has a schedule for both of us.
Off to dye more!

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