Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Week lots more yarn

Here is one luscious skein of Newport Rocks in Cashmere/Silk
The first week in December was a trunk show in Santa Barbara at Loop and Leaf, and the Santa Parade!
For lunch
While strolling around in the evening I found this amazing store everything Bling
Look this is the Tanglewood Caplet and Cardigan worked in beaded Yak and Silk I was privileged to weave in the ends of this amazing garment
Then on the following Wed. I was at Jennifer Knits. This is the latest made using Tanglewood Cashmere
Jennifer modeling this scarf
The ladies shopping at Jennifer Knits
The new owner of the skein above
The next weekend I was at Wild Fiber and here is a long time friend of Jan's visiting with me in Los Angeles
During the trunk show I finished this hat for a late Christmas gift for Don, Steven modeling
Mary bought this skein and then made this Neck Candy
then we had button madness! Natasha pulled out all her special buttons and we had a field day
Mary with her completed Tanglewood project
Me with mine
My work space, note the basket
This is the contents, cat toys. Lily has taken to taking a mouth full of beads and then dropping them on the floor then playing with them, so now she has her own toy box
Mike has been using these finished gloves
Lily watching TV about Leopards
Cashmere and Silk brewing
It has been raining and raining, the only place to dry fiber here at Tanglewood South is the kitchen
Dec. 18th my birthday
Becky bought this behind my back in Hawaii what a special gift!
Trish my sheep missed my birthday but gave birth to "Chris" a little ram lamb on Christmas Eve
Since I haven't had a trunk show in a couple of weeks, lots of yarn has been formulated and in the process of being spun, plied and is drying. Lots of Tanglewood Spinners are spinning the fiber that has been dyed and shipped out. Steven has put me on a schedule for making yarn and we are sure to be caught up and shipping out all the orders by the end of March. Steven is coming along with me to Vogue Knitting Live but before that I'll be in Tulsa at Loops. I'm so looking forward to seeing all my friends there. Meanwhile it's nose to the grind stone yarn yarn and more yarn

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Karen said...

aaakkk! Trish! I am dreadfully behind on my spinning! I had no idea one little baby could be so time consuming. I am working on it believe it or not, but it's about 10 minutes at a time, and any time I am spinning merino/cashmere blends it takes me like 3 times as long as the superwash merino... sorry! I have not forgotten you. Glad you had fun in Hawaii!!!