Friday, December 11, 2009

The Long Night

Mr Lincoln Rose fresh from the garden note the "heavy dew" i.e. Rain!
Last night sleep never came. I wasn't in pain, I wasn't as worried as I have been but sleep never came. When Mike woke ready for work he found me on the couch just as he left me many hours earlier. The only difference was that I had completed the hat! I think it will fit and proud that I have completed something that can be worn by a human.....

Skeined yarn ready to go

The collection of Fire and Ice

Mike was concerned that I hadn't slept so brought me these

Yesterday Steven and I went out for a search for a dresser for him. We ended up at Ikea. Here Steven is assembling it here. Tomorrow we will tackle his room........

It rained today. It was a great day for a nap and some skeining fun. Tonight will be an early night trying to catch up with some sleep. Tomorrow is another day!

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Monkeyspinner said...

SLEEP!!! I love your Mr L. I have yet to master roses on the North Coast. Too wet. Hope your well.