Saturday, November 14, 2009


Tomorrow I'm having my gall bladder out. It's a coming out party that I'm not looking forward t to. Mike brought me roses out of our garden which are still buds. Steven took yarn over to Knitters Studio, so at least there will be yarn, a lot of yarn over 300 skeins. I tried my best to do more beaded yarn but going to the doctor's office and the hospital it's been impossible to get much done this week. I've had to cancel everything for now as I don't know how long I'll be down for as there are two ways of doing this operation. I'm in room
by myself and it is quiet here. Really, I'm pretending I'm at a resort and going to have a spa treatment but I'm still nervous. I'm going to try to read for a little IV placement is making it hard to knit. Wish me luck tomorrow I'm hoping for the small treatment.
Meanwhile have some of The Glen and some chocolate and a cuppa for me!



Hi, Trish - hope that your surgery goes well and that you will have a speedy recovery. I am sending good thoughts to you. L

Sue said...

Sending you speedy recovery and healing thoughts!

Liz said...

Hi Trish-

We are all thinking of you. Steven did a great job of getting the yarn over and tell him we found plenty of baskets. The yarn isgorgeous but we are going to miss you this weekend. Please know we are thinking of you all the time and we know you will feel better afer surgery.
We will call you to check on you and give you an update later!

xxxxx oooo Liz, Sara and Leah!