Thursday, November 12, 2009

The best laid plans...

Bummer bummer bummer!

i have terrible Gallstones. Never thought about the Gall Bladder before but now it's in my mind all the time. There are many large stones and the first news is it has to come out.

I'm either feeling great or in terrible pain. It comes quickly and then it goes. I spent another two hours in the Emerancy room tonight in pain then it slowly went away. I decided since the place was packed with sick and injuried people I wasn't get seen any time soon, and then they annouced they had no beds and it would be several hours, I called the Dr. and said just call in pain tablets and I'd see him in the morning.

I'm doing inventory on all the yarn and sending it to Knitters Studio for this weekend's trunk show. I can't tell you how sorry I am not to be able to come.

I hope the yarn has a good time, while I hope to know more tomorrow.

I'm grateful!!

I have health insurance
I have a supportive family and friends (several have offered a recovery home, Mike says it's his job so Lakewood is where I'm staying)
I have a healthy heart
I love fruit and Vegetables
I love Salmon
I have beautiful roses that are blooming
I have pain pills

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Sheila E said...

Oh dear....not such good news.
I am glad that you are being taken good care of! Michael gets extra points..he's been gaining a lot of them lately....and pain pills are good too.
Please be sure and let us know how you are doing. Good thoughts will be showering you!