Sunday, August 23, 2009

Winding Down

Sleeping has been the order of the day. We had a wonderful day yesterday at the bench warming. I thought I took pictures but I was the only one that didn't so I'll have to wait until someone sends me some.
I have been spinning for some metal health and have really enjoyed it. I love spinning.
This is my friend Sara she is a hotty and loves to make my hair better than the rest of the package.
She has decided that she needs files

A work in progress

Another work in progress


Spinning Silk and Cashmere

The Royal Cashmere is done

A ball ready for Becky to make a Shoulder Candy on her trip to Wisconsin for her real job

The trailer has been repaired again as Mike found that the wheel barrings had let loose on one of the tires. An accident averted. I'm going to spin with Alexandra today. I'm going to get ready for another drive this week along with Cleo. Although I'm looking forward to being back in Oregon but the weather here is so nice and I've wanted to visit more with friends, but time marches on and I have to get back to work to prepare for the Trunk Show at Knitting Central in September. Enjoy the last days of Summer, and keep cool!


Bonnie Rose said...

Love your new hairdo!

Brent said...

Looking good, hot stuff!