Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making Yarn While the Sun Shines

It's turned kinda warm here, while lovely for strolling in the shade or having a picnic, making Cashmere yarn and cooking Pot Roast not so much!

I've (Cynthia) has confirmed that I am going to Knitting Central for the weekend of Sept. 12th, so if you want to knit socks or see how yarn is made or get your own skein of "Ice" then Knitting Central will be the place you want to go!

Here is the Mom's Bench Warming. This is Dad (left) Mr. England (middle) and Mrs. England fingering the last lap robe Mom made which was for my Dad...........

We all went for a stroll through the Rose Garden and smelt the roses

Mrs. England said a few words

The we had a picnic in the park

Fast Forward a week and here is Cleo hanging out by my side while beading yarn, this is the only space not dangerous to her health or fur!

Steven is showing you the largest skein ever. This monster skein of Ice is 11 1/2 ozs. There is a lot of yardage but I'm not sure how many until it is washed. If you want this skein let one of your retailers know and it's yours........(Steven is extra)

I'm off to Oregon tomorrow. The Trailer is fixed and packed now just to do the car. Wish me (and Cleo) luck!

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