Friday, March 06, 2009

Memorial Service and going home

Sunday is the Memorial Service for Mom. I'll get some of her ashes and have a couple of ideas about what to do with them. Becky flew down from Oregon last night and is working for her "real" job today and tomorrow. The Sunday and Monday spending time with us.

I'm planning to head home (Oregon) on Tuesday and hurry up drive to get home quick as things need to get done before I go to Camp Burton, a spinning retreat where I will spin yarn for beading.

Dad, my brother Pete and I went to scout out locations for Mom's special bench at the South Coast Botanical Gardens, as soon as they let us know which location has been selected I'll show you the picture.

I was dressed yesterday and today! It has been a long haul with grief, but each day get's better and when I get home there won't be as much to remind me that she is gone. Mataniu took all the things we could part with today, so basicly that job is done, and it's nice to have a few special things to foddle, don't worry I don't have enough for a shrine, as some people were concerned that I was going to hoard everything.

Cleo and Ozzie have been the source of great joy and give light to my heart.

I have great freinds and family and everyone has been so supportive, and even if I haven't called (e-mailed) you back your messages and calls mean a lot.

I spent a lot of time working these past week, lots of beaded yarn has been made. Look for it in your local shop soon.

Off to spend time with the family, keep the good thoughts coming and if you are coming on Sunday thanks.....

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