Monday, March 23, 2009

I Did? I don't remember or Dry Socket

It has been a hard month as the one month anniversary of Mom's death has come and gone. I'm not so weepy as I was and things are getting better every day. I have lived a half live on pain pills as my extraction became a dry socket, which is extreme pain that I could have done without. One full week in bed, then another still popping the pills for a whole other week, then yesterday was my first day without a pain pill.
I've made beaded yarn and have been sort of in the office. Mike leaves on Sunday and we are enjoying a lovely holiday with Beth and Gary in Walla Walla WA. lots of pictures when I'm not on Beth's computer. These are pictures I down loaded last week, one day Mike said I had to get out of the house.

Bags packed in one and a half hours, and had four weeks of work in them.. most of the yarn is made, set, labeled and on it's way to shops near you....

One of the two places that Mom's Memorial Bench will go at the South Coast Botanical Gardens, both within smelling distance of the Rose Garden

I want this, it's too early for my Wisteria to be even thinking along these lines but isn't this idyllic?

Val had these beautiful Roses at Mom's Memorial now we all get to enjoy them

Time passes and we are now at Camp Burton Spinning Retreat at Vashon Island WA.
Ms. Audrey spinning next to me

Sarah Anderson and her sister Heidi from Minnesota

Nicole in the Left Jane in the middle (remember her hand spun hand knit shawl that she shared with Yarn Harlot at the book signing in Portland?) and Barbara, all spinning friends


The view out the window of the dinning hall

Soup, I don't really like soup but "Hello"! At this point I still had a broken tooth so it was a blessing, and really good, even though- yuck soup, and after the whole dry socket and bruised mouth (so bad was the bruising from the first of many caps that Mike kept telling strangers it wasn't him it was the dentist)

I want to tell you there was no Glen of any kind at this retreat, it is a dry camp, so all of this fun is ala natural...Mike suggests it's fumes from the cashmere.......

This is Lisa doing "Crow" a Ti Chi maneuver

Here is Terry with one of the batts she made at Judith's class that caused so much controversy about sending staples through the carder sideways, if you don't understand any of the last line don't worry it's spinners talk....

Since Lisa did Crow here is Cindi also doing "Crow" notice none of me doing Crow!

Ms. Audrey spun and plied all of this yarn during the weekend, yeah Ms. Audrey! However none of it is going to be TFC yarn, this is for a top Audrey will crochet.....

The Rockin' Cabin #3 Where Ms. Audrey, Me, Sarah, Heidi and Bonnie Rose spent several pleasant nights

My bunk

Back home and on the way to the dentist's office bright and early Monday morning, after having returned from Camp Burton then drove down to Silverton Or. to drop my car off for Becky's use and then home to St. Helens. This view was the last thing I remember seeing for about a full week. There are flashes of memory of Physical Therapy, more dentists and a Doctors visit, but all very hazy and disjointed. It snowed while we were at Camp Burton and while we were here in Walla Walla, winter isn't done with us yet no matter what the calender says....

Lovely Northwest Autumn yarn

Here is some fiber drying in the bathroom, as the drying rack needed some modifications Northwest Summer in Cashmere and Silk, that I've all ready spun and will bead

I'm better but it's been really hard. I have lots of dental work ahead of me as all of my teeth have to have crowns before they break and need to be removed (never again). I am enjoying physical therapy and looking forward to my hip (an old motorcycle injury) not hurting any more. Lots of beading to be done next week along with some spinning. If you are looking for beaded cashmere/silk or beaded camel/silk call Yarns Unlimited as they will be getting a shipment soon.


monkeyspinner said...

Hope your doing ok. Dry socket is bad, I had it once. I hope your finding some relaxation. And I love Northwest Autumn. All my love and care.

Sheila E said...

If I had read your blog before calling you I would have known what was up with you!
I am sorry to hear about your mouth and the pain that you have gone through.
I am so glad to know that you are better!!!!!!!!!
Take good care of yourself Dear Friend! I am glad that you are back to having some Fun times!