Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Day Another Adventure

Slowly I'm starting to get back to the 'ol Trish, but slowly. I'm enjoying the heck out of physical therapy not sure if it's mutual but hey I'm having fun!
Made lots of beaded yarn and yarn is being shipped to Loops this week, so go say hi to the Gina's, Gene and Shelly! Ask about the PJ party on July 11th.

Talking about fun parties check out this out!

Tanglewood Fiber Creations: One Skein Tea Party!

We are very excited to welcome Trish of Tanglewood Fiber Creations back to The Knitter’s Studio for an incredibly fun afternoon of knitting and relaxing.

When: Sunday, April 26, 2009
Time: 2pm ~ 5pm
Price: $200.00
Where:The Knitter’s Studio~8118 W. Third St. LA 90048
RSVP: On-line or call us at 323 655-6487. Space is limited.

The price includes your choice of one skein from Trish's wonderful selection of her luscious cashmere and cashmere blend yarns in their gorgeous hand-spun color combinations. Once you've got your yarn in hand we will help you find a one skein project from your brand new copy of The One Skein Luxury or One Skein books, also included. Tea, scones and good company will be provided.
Please e-mail us and check out our blog if you are interested in this fabulous event.

If you love our One Skein Fingerless Mitts our lovely model Brigette is wearing, check out our blog post and our FREE PDF pattern. Also, in stock Tanglewood Fiber Creation's Cashmere Silk Beaded yarn-really LUX!

Go to Knitter's Studio's web-site to see how lovely this add really is....

Cleo and I are hanging at the house alone except when Diane and Courtney comes to work, it's quiet after having Mike there and after all the "excitement" of the last few months, but welcome.
I'm going to spend the weekend at Becky's house this weekend so I don't become feral, and hopefully catch up with Emma and Jan (I need to hear and smell sheep I NEED IT)

Meanwhile March passes into April and tomorrow I have my Mammogram and another visit with Pat (a gentleman that shares his birthday with Mike; March 17th) my PT trainer

So now onto the pictures!

Sarah sent me this picture of the four of us at Camp Burton, Heidi left, ME center of course, Sarah on left and BONNIE down center.

Now back to almost present time, the view of the Blue Mountains from Beth's house, breathtaking and cooold

However we found big fun, Beth let me groom Layla, and Layla let me groom her for about a minute, then suggested I do Super (the other horse in the field)


While we were brushing horses the cloud formation changed to this!

Layla loved Mike, here is a rare picture of Mike in jeans, yes even Mike can be cold

After the grooming then it's cleaning the pasture of the days leavings

Mike having a quiet moment

the next day it was warm! We went to a lovely place called the Kirkman house. Gary was able to join us and reluctantly was involved in a blog picture

It is a lovely little place and Greer showed us around and answered most of my questions, which are always many, much to the chagrin of my family. There are several interesting textiles from the late 1800's and early 1900's displayed and they are working really hard to get the house in good order. It was interesting taking our husbands there, both are avid DIY'ers and kept noticing what a huge job they have ahead of them to keep this place going....

Greer started talking about the Weaving and Spinning that goes on at this location, she got my attention fast and let us into the Cottage

Here's the loom and notice above the natural dyed hand-spun?

There is some wicked good weaver somewhere in Walla Walla WA. This isn't hand-spun (at least I don't think so) but this isn't a beginners piece by a long shot

Notice the spinning wheels at left bottom

The spinners and weavers here have planted a Natural Dye garden it's early spring here so there isn't much but wait a month....

Mike's big project this trip was taking care of me, but he did manage to improve the drying rack and here it is with doors, behind the doors there is 4 pounds of Cashmere/Silk in Erica's Sunstone.

Glad to be back, look forward to a week of not having to be in bed. April comes in 3 mins. time to get out of Safeway and into bed I've got to be up early tomorrow!

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