Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm leaving in a few minutes to return to St. Helens OR. Cleo and I are driving in the Element and Mike is following in his little car.

Yesterday Becky and I along with my Brother and Sister in Law went through all of Mom and Dad's old photo's and such. Dividing all their live between everyone was hard and without Brother John, is almost impossible, so we got as much as we could separated and when John and his family come for a visit this summer, another "go through" will be in the works.

Work, I haven't done any spinning or plying but have packed all and look forward to my Camp Burton retreat this coming weekend. Mike is so glad that I have decompression time planed, I feel a little guilty but the need for this time with friends far away from grief is so needed.

I'm going home! Mike and Cleo are going to be there too. ALL ABOARD to FIBER LAND!

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