Sunday, December 21, 2008


I've been to the GLASG Guild Christmas Party and won big. I got some great gifts~hand-spun hand-dyed Cashmere scarf knit by my friend Alexandra! I'm wearing again today for the Knitters Studio's Trunk Show. I went to Blair's Christmas party and stayed until the end, but sorry skipped out on the dishes. Mike has begun the battle with "THE CRUD" bummer and has started assembling the furniture for my parents.
I'm wiped out. I'm coughing and have a stuffy noise. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of all the fun, but I think tomorrow will be restful Monday.

Announcement! We have been approved to be Ozzie's new home! Mike is going to have his special cat just like I have Cleo. I'm so glad because Cyrus likes to play but is old, a kitten for Cleo to play with will help our toes out and maybe tire her out a bit, anyway a lovely Christmas treat!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures, I promise!

PS my special friend is doing well and maybe getting sprung from the hospital today thanks for all the healthful thoughts!


Kathy said...

HI Pat,
It was good to see you at Blair's.
Saturday works well for me, so does Sunday if Blair can't go on Saturday. Here is my e-mail address
I would like to treat everyone.
And...if you are ok with it, I really would like to try the Tea House on Broadway. I loved the atmosphere at Elyse's and the people are so nice. We could go back if that is what you prefer.
And...Happy Belated Birthday.
Did you turn the big "50", too?
Take Care...get rid of that cold.

Kathy said...

HI Pat,
I spoke to Blair. She said Sunday will work for her after noon but she also said that if Saturday worked better for you, she will go and miss Max' game. what works best for you and let us know.
Blair also suggested that we will meet at the Tea House.
Sounds good? It is the 4 of us, right? Liz, Blair, you and me?
I hope you are feeling better.