Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

What a wonderful day, lounging in my PJ's reading a book, talking to Becky and Shelli. I even made dinner, the quickest dinner ever Tortellini Soup.

We aren't sure if Becky can make it to California, even though she is flying. She can't get her truck out of the ice and she hasn't been able to drive to work for a week. MAX wasn't running either. She has cabin fever too and we really hope she is able to come. Oregon has a tremendous amount of snow and ice the most in 40 years.
My neighbor Ann sent me this picture of Tanglewood Fiber Creations headquarters. There is about 2-3 feet of snow on the ground.

Guild Christmas Party~ presents! Not quite the raucous event that Aurora's Guild Christmas party but it was fun and I got a great gift!

Then onto Blair's house for a lovely evening catching up with longtime friends around a roaring fire.


Blair and our longtime friend Eric

Sunday it was off to Knitter's Studio. I woke with a killer sore throat and some "stomach" problems. Mike wasn't happy I was off again when I was feeling so poorly. I arrived late after having to take a couple of showers and lots of herbal tea. Waiting for me was Erika. She wanted a special skein so I plied up Cashmere/Silk in NW Winter I spun the day before and she went off glowing. She has washing instructions and promises to take pictures. If you are in Southern California on Christmas Eve she will be singing about 4:00 on KCET!

While I was plying I was also helping Roberta to start knitting a Neck Candy scarf. She learned several ways to cast on, and then how to increase by knitting front and back. I don't have a picture as I was plying and instructing at the same time. It was a great way to forget I felt terrible. However as soon as I got into the car the air went out of my balloon. I'm not sure how I got home, but I did.
While I was "working" Mike was doing chores and picked up Ozzie, a little ball of Christmas fun. Ozzie was completely freaked and Cleo wasn't happy with this stranger in the house. I tried making up to him but all he wanted was to hide in the most remote place under the bed.
About 2:00 am he decided that it was better to cuddle with this stranger than being alone. He came shivering with fear allowing me to give him a little love. Soon I had to turn over and it was all over, back under the bed. All day yesterday he cowered under the bed. Cyrus came in an encouraged him to come out for just a moment, but as soon as Cleo came into the front room whosh back under the bed.
I went to bed about 10:00 pm, early for me but I was really tired and still didn't feel good. About 2 minutes later Ozzie decided I wasn't bad and came to bed with me.
I couldn't say I slept, in between loving on this little soul and being a play toy for an active kitten waking when the sharp little teeth and claws wrapped around my arm. He decided to be a part of the family this morning and is trying with all his might to be pals with Cleo. Cyrus is a different story, he loves Ozzie and is so gentle and loving. This was the scene this morning....

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Liz said...

So cute, I wish we had room for another cat!