Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My Mother and I went to the Beauty Salon today together.
She was able to get into my car and we drove the two miles to the Salon where both Sara's preformed miracles and we both went out looking pretty good for two "ladies of a certain age".
My Mom looked like my "old Mom". We chatted, she had coffee!!! If you told me that we would be going to the hair dresser's 4 months ago I wouldn't have believed it. Today I'm a believer. So the message today is believe, after all this is the season for miracles. I think though we both need a rest so tomorrow is Restful Wednesday, Thursday is our big day out.

I need to ask a favor, a dear friend is going to have surgery on Thursday, could you please think healing thoughts to her.

If you are anywhere Knitterly on Thursday stop by and save 30% on Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn. If you are in Southern California I've been asked to stop by Knitting Studio in West Los Angeles along with a lot of yarn. The trunk show will be there and I'll be spinning on Sunday. See you then?

This is a picture from Mt Angel Oregon today. I hope my pipes are ok at the house........

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