Monday, December 15, 2008


What a wonderful time was had on Saturday at Wild Fiber. Lots of fun and lovely people came to see the yarn and me!

I felt better than I had the last week, and with all the wonderful energy of all the knitters that came how could I feel bad.

However as the doors closed so did my voice, lost, no voice at all. Mike's favorite, quiet Trish, but it has been very inconvenient as I can't talk on the phone, so any conversation has to be through an unwilling mouth piece.

I really felt like staying in bed today as it has turned cold here in Lakewood and it poured rain (even by Oregon standards), however compared with Oregon we are still having lovely weather.
Becky sent a short video of the snow storm to Mike and I yesterday. Tonight Jan and Neil told of harrowing travels moving Jan's Mom (yet again) into Assisted Living place and of taking care of a poorly ewe with frozen pipes in the barn. The work crew couldn't get to the St. Helens house today so no dyeing got done, and I can't help but be a little happy that I'm here in Southern California. This week Knitterly is having a sale on Cashmere, so if you want some Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn on sale give Shelli a call!

Emma got a skein of Newport Rocks in Super-Wash for a Christmas gift some years ago, she made her own crochet pattern and made this little hat!

On an outing she also bought a little skein of yarn and crocheted these lovely fingerless mittens, again without a pattern.

Here's the happy shoppers of Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn at Wild Fiber

This is probably our youngest, yet most enthusiastic TFC Fan, Erika. She has a bag of little samples of color-ways of long ago, and is going to knit something special. Erika had the most lovely little sock she knit. You go girl!

"She whom will be nameless" is now the proud owner of these skeins, Snow cashmere, Yak/Silk "Butter", Katie's Painted Hills in Mer/Ang/Cash and Textured Newport Rocks in Cashmere

This lady is checking the math on her new pattern BEFORE she starts to knit. She had several pages of notes so that there would be no wasted time. I love this woman.

Number one~ she's using a pattern,

number two~ she is checking things out rather than blindly going into ruin by finding mistakes only after half a sweater is knit,

number three~ she swatched, I saw (look it's on the table) it's beautiful, she's doing everything right, (only exception- she's using the wrong yarn of course -anything other than TFC!) I asked for finished project pictures

The Trunk Show at Wild Fiber!

Natasha has gifted me this yarn. Apparently this is "better than money yarn" (and here I thought our yarn rated this praise).... if you would like to trade for something good let me know.

I finally made it safely home about 8:30 pm on Saturday evening, a half a suit case empty, and no voice. Mike was a little put out that I hadn't cancelled since I wasn't all the way well.
I'm glad I went, but Sunday was definitely restful Sunday. I got up around 7:30 am and watched Mike do maintenance on his fish tank, sometime while admiring his lovely aqua garden, I drifted off. I rousted about 9:30 long enough to go back to bed, for another few hours. Mike decided I needed food, and got me dressed and took me off to eat.
We then went to visit my parents in their new apartment. It was so good to see Mom! She looked great, and the apartment is perfect. Mike and I set about getting some fine details worked out, several trips to the shops and Mom had a new shower head and cables for the TV. I'll be taking some potted plants for their balcony sometime soon. Steven and I worked today on inventory and getting things back together and correct. We then went out shopping for more items for Mom and Dad. After posting several boxes and going yet again to the Grocery shop, we delivered and installed our purchases and then made it back home to cook dinner.

Tonight I'm feeling really tired and the voice is only slightly more audible. I'm hoping to get Mom and I a hair cut tomorrow, but if they can't get us in I think I'll just sit and ply.

Here is the scene tonight, Cleo has been so funny today, romping in the rain, playing with Cyrus, but these good friends are glad to be in the warm house tonight.

Wishing you all warm thoughts........


Erika Kim said...

Hi Trish, this is Erika from the Knitters Studio and Wildfiber. I really would like the Wollmeise even though its been months since this post so it might be gone. If you want anything for this, please let me know. I would happily pay money for it as well!

Erika said...

P.S My email is
or maybe we can trade at the Knitters Studio or pay with money perhaps?