Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working the long hours

The factory was a buzz today with making yarn. Today we (Courtney) got 8 pounds of Cashmere dyed advancing the production schedule greatly. I caught up with lots of paper work. Presently there is a huge box of items needing filed, but that is another day. I didn't get beaded yarn done, but skeining and dyeing got done.
Here is all the fiber dyed today and drying

While we wait for the dye to strike we also make the lavender sachets, here is the lavender hanging waiting to be prepared and put into sachets

I then drove to Becky's house in Portland where I weighed out fiber and helped get all the packages for spinners done. Tomorrow we will be going to the Post Office.

If you are a spinner for TFC and waiting for fiber, here it is!

Here is a pile of singles Becky has to ply, since I took this picture we got more in the mail so the pile is bigger

Becky has been plying and here is a bundle of yarn ready to be set, re-skeined and labeled

Becky is going to make some knitted ties for our workers at TNNA, so here is the yarn and a first attempt.

This is the pile of fiber waiting for spinners, this pile is smaller now as it is in the boxes (see above) ready to go out to spinners

(I have now spent the night at Becky's as it got too late to drive home. I'm off to the Post Office, shopping and the bead store, as we have several beading projects that just came in the mail today, Thursday Nov. 13 th please excuse the mistakes in today, tomorrow and yesterday......)
This is an exciting weekend. Beth is coming tomorrow, I'll have shopped in Portland and then we are making yarn this afternoon. Saturday Beth, Becky Emma and I are making Jam and plying yarn, Sunday is a party for Becky. Mike and I are excited about his soon to be visit, and planning for our up coming trip to Victoria BC. Becky has a new job! She will be working for Kettle Potato Chips in Salem and will be looking for a house large enough that TFC business doesn't take over her living space, you can see by these pictures that it is a problem. We are so excited about her new position and sad about her move. We'll let you know when she finds a new home..... but this time I'm only planning on advising rather than being a "mover".

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monkeyspinner said...

Aww all the work. That is great about Beckys new job, shell be at TNNA? As much lavender as you have are you making it in to jam?