Thursday, September 18, 2008

Traveling Day

Another travel day but not so organized. I've not unpacked from my trip home on Sunday and just made yarn yesterday so later I'm hiring Steven to be my personal assistant. I'm totally not wanting to go (a first) only because of my new baby. I'm so in love with her that it feels like I've always had her. I'm really looking forward to spending some time in the Pacific Northwest and having a little break.
I picked up some yarn from Alexandra and met one the of the local spinners buying one of Alexandra's Lazy Kate's

She has been busy with her Birthday Yarn. Here are her socks!

Sandi of Knitterly is knitting this beaded Yak/Silk Cossacks Hat from Folk Hats. This is her test swatch. Isn't she wonderful making a swatch?

I'm so in love with her that it feels like I've always had her. Mike is just as besotted, and all we talk about is this lovely little beast. She travels in the car well and loves to snuggle. What I didn't bank on was her enthusiasm for beaded yarn. So this is how I distract her


Look at the growth

Hurry up and dry! Yesterday's output

Beaded "Cool Sugar"

One beaded Cash/Silk in Newport Rocks one skein regular

Another skein of beaded Newport Rocks.....


Umm my shirt, is there a pattern here?.......

Steven is awake (yes before noon) so now I have to get ready to go for a few days.... Good bye LA, Hello Oregon!

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monkeyspinner said...

Hurry up and Dry? Isn't it hot as all heck there? My mom and her guild have been at the LA fair on the weekends she says it is hot. It is jsut right in humboldt. Glad your loving the new kitty.Beaded yarn looks great!