Monday, September 08, 2008

The Peaceful Garden

I have been preparing to go to Loops! in Tulsa Oklahoma. I have been making the beaded yarn again and had so much beading excitement that I finally just had to show you
Beads strung

A moment later it is a bead hunt.....

and repeat over and over again until you get a skein or two of beautiful yarn

Here is the load of yarn going to Loops today for the trunk show

This took hours to label and tag and then to write up, Steven helped, while we had a fun movie night. Time Bandit's is still funny and Steven loved it.

After all this beading and cataloging Mike thought it would be a good idea to get me out to the garden. He had a rare day off and not wanting to miss a fun day with Mike I did as he suggested.
Here is the Basil plant having finally decided to live, and his new friend Mr. Thyme. I needed more pots so Mr Thyme got planted with Mr. Basil

This is what I needed Mr. Thyme's pot for Mike has put his foot down No more Epipy's for me!

Cucumber? It looks more like a furry melon?

Here is a progress picture of the "cucumber" on trellis

The dreaded Creeping Fig! Mike has done battle and this is what came off the wall, as one full mat of Creeping Fig

The now exposed wall

I am mostly packed for my trip on Thursday and excited about going to Loops. I have to fine tune things and go see Mom today and get the giant box in the mail. I also bought a desk for my room, and now real business can take place in TFC south. I'm so excited about having a place for things. I've gotten use to knowing where my stamps are and putting my hands straight on a pen that writes that I felt lost and disorganized without my wonderful office at TFC north so Mike and I went looking and found a perfect desk. Now I have to use the desk for business, no more procrastination! Off for more work

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Lisa S said...

The yarn is magical! I can't wait to see you at OFFF, dear girl. I hope that your mom is having a lovely, comfortable time of things...good drugs, let's hear it for good drugs. :o)
Hugs to you.