Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm not freaking out (repeat)

I'm finishing up packing and trying to get the last minute yarn ready to go. I'm working with low tech tools, so the work is more time consuming than usual.
I can hardly wait to be in Tulsa and by this time tomorrow I will be. My hair toes AND nails are all polished and cut. My outfits are ironed and already packed. I still have to get a book, wine and chocolate. We are meeting with another roofing outfit this evening. I'm at the "oh my gosh I'm going on a plane" freak out stage at the moment. I love arriving hate the going. Wish me luck and if you are going to be in Tulsa OK. this weekend join me at Loops.
PS we think it the mystery plant might be a pumpkin or a water melon. What do you think?


Becky Rose said...

I don't think watermelons are fuzzy like that but, you know, pumpkins are! Hmmm...what a delicious mystery....only time will tell.

Romi said...

Good luck to you! xoxo!