Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Improved Day

While watching Deadwood last night I knit to the last little bit of yarn that I have spun on this project so today I have finished spinning this much .......

My sweater actually looks like a real sweater! Note the other colorway peeking there
Here is my antibiotic and my knitting bag note the similar color!

I am slightly sick, so I actually feel better having been to the doctor and talking with Beth! and Becky. Don't you think Becky ought to back pack through Europe? It's lovely to think about giving it all up and hit the road isn't it? I've decided to do a little gardening this evening when Mike gets home. It's been too long since we've puttered in the garden. Tomorrow is another Mom day.... roses would look nice in her room!


s said...

Your new sweater is Definitely Beautimus!!
I am glad to hear that you are feeling better!
Did you like the kitties?
Hugs to you!!

Rainy from Oregon said...

Oh what a purtiful sweater !!!!!