Sunday, August 31, 2008

Work Day

I needed a day or two of work, I went to pick up some singles from Alexandra and found these lovely seed blossoms on the ground by my car, they are so lovely and usual, I can hardly believe the little tree I was parked next to produced these but it must have

After this I wanted to have enough grocery's so that I could work without stopping, so I went to a Farmers Market, unfortunately the location had moved since the last time I had gone there. I had parked the car ( paid the parking fee) then started out on foot, on a search for the market. I found the market and then had a wonderful shop. I hadn't realized while picking a pound or two of this and that, my 4 large reusable bags full of grocery's, ( Emma; I found a Kettle Corn seller, I only bought a small bag!) would be heavy (maybe (ok not even maybe it was damned heavy) too heavy) to carry back to the car many blocks away, until faced with the walk it's self. Thank goodness I only had 4 bags with me! After the shopping and hauling I was in need of a cuppa and a little lunch, and some air conditioning. So I went here

And had this. I wish everyone could have been there. It isn't really the kind of place that seats one, so I sent pictures of my meal to Becky so that we could have a virtual Afternoon Tea

One of Tanglewood Fiber Creations spinners, Julie, mentioned while she loves spinning for TFC it's a little "like reading a really good book with the last chapter missing" so here is a little bit of the last chapter,
This is two skein of Multnomah Falls in Merino/Angora/Cashmere I spun and plied this

"Erica's Sunstone" (Cashmere/Silk), Erica wanted to see this completed as she developed and dyed this colorway. Meg and I spun this fiber and I plied it.

Here is Julie's work! This is Stone and Sugar both beaded she spun both of these color-ways along with Carole and Cheryl. I plied and beaded these skeins

The Creme d'la Creme beaded Newport Rocks in Cashmere and Silk, spun by Diane, Cheryl, plied and beaded by myself, this yarn is going to Sticks and Strings for a coat's ribbing. Can you imagine a full knitted coat out of Cashmere and Silk? I hope to get a picture of this project

Beaded yarn is very difficult to do. Sometimes the yarn breaks and hundreds of beads go everywhere, everywhere. It's a little easier to pick them up on the carpeting as they don't travel as far as with the hardwood floors. Wood floors makes it more "exciting" as you have to chase beads from under furniture and restring hundreds of beads only to have the ply break and you're on a bead hunt again. It's bad to find a square bead by the "touch" method especially when you are stumbling around in the middle of the night. Sometimes when someone else has done the sweeping (a very rare and usually happening) there is a little pile of beads on my bedside table waiting to be sorted, as each color-way has a different color blend. Sugar has three, hot, cool and natural. When Moses was here, beading accidents used to make him jump, ping goes the ply "OH S#*%" goes Mom, then the plink of 300 beads on hardwood floor. Moses use to jump get up stretch and give me a black look and sculk off to find a quiet spot to continue sleeping. I miss Mo beading excitement isn't the same without him.


Sheila E said...

Yum YUm YUM on ALL Counts!

Anonymous said...

This is some of the most beautiful yarn I have seen in my life. I miss it! You have true talent!

Julie said...

Thank you, thank you for the pictures! I can happily put down my book now that I know the ending....