Monday, July 21, 2008

Stress relief

As I left the shower (after having used hand made soap in a Plumera scent) a beautiful glass filled with amber liquid was wafted in front of my nose. The aroma was floral, reminding me of the Tiger Lilies growing in my St. Helens garden. It was passed several times for me to enjoy and savor.
When I confirmed that I had enjoyed the bouquet to it's fullest. I was handed this perfect glass of the most lovely amber liquid. It's "legs" long and slightly thick.
Then the taste was of a floral yet honey, and of a warm fire, not the kind that burns and takes your breath away but gently warms to the marrow of your being. Slow sip after sip, the warmth traveled along every stretched nerve ending, coating them with a warm blanket. Time passes slowly and quietly, muscle, wherry bone and nerve releasing the stress and tension. Long after this glass stood empty it's healing qualities remanded behind. When the healing effects where working, strong hands massaged aching neck, back, and hips, this is where my reality ends in a warm fuzzy relaxed state.

The morning dawns and troubles seemed far away, until about noon. Steven has made an appointment for my computer to be seen by some one at the "Genius Bar" in the Mac store. My phone seems to be working again, it quit last night (again) and wouldn't come back to life until, by magic, (Sheila was this your doing?) this morning. I had a sleep in my bed, as Val did night duty last night, which passed fairly peacefully for Mom. I will go in about 8:00 tonight.

The cat was better yesterday and this afternoon MIA for any kind of trip to the DR.'s. Steven is going to the grocery store, after having used key ingredients last night in cooking dinner. We ate well and enjoyed every mouthful. I will complete one full bobbin of beaded Stone in Cashmere and Silk today.

Erica is lonely and out of food in St. Helens so ANYONE that could go to the yarn factory please do. I've called her Professor in charge of the PiPN program making sure this child gets the recognition she deserves, as she has been running TFC for the past week. Thanks again for all the well wishes I'm saving them for tonight in the hospital. Jim England gave me a good one, "HALT" if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired walk away from the problem or discussion until you have fixed those conditions. Good advice any time but especially now for me.
Mom is having more infection drawn off her abdomen today. She is very alert and sad. I'm buying an I-Home for her today for books on CD and music. If you have any suggestions please e-mail them to me. Thanks again for everything
PS if you live in Salem and know Nancy Clark, please tell her to give the box back that the post office delivered by mistake, it has lots of yarn that isn't her's......


monkeyspinner said...

I like this HALT idea. I am so sorry you are going through such a rough time. Hope you enjoy your scotch. Don't worry about Erika, She is one inventive cookie ;)

Samantha said...

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