Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Made it

Here I am at Portland Airport listening to the live music (Grupo Condor a guitar and pan pipes) blogging while Becky is stuck in traffic. Had an alright flight but for the three year old that screamed (not I'm so scared but I'm so bored) and kicked my chair so much that it felt like a back massage. Luckily I had added some loud music to my I-Pod so screened the screaming out.
Becky wouldn't have liked it. I know the lady next to me had a hard time with it. I finished my fingerless mittens and like the way they came out. The view from the plane was breathtaking, the mountains covered in snow. Somewhat hard to believe with the temp's in the low 90's. I guess I should get to my bags, before they are taken off the carousel. Off to dial up :>(

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