Monday, April 07, 2008

Restful Sunday

Having enjoyed the music at the airport in Portland Or.on Saturday, Becky whisked me away to Jan's house for a wonderful salmon bake. I was replete with dinner and lots of good conversation, the kind you can only have with such close family friends when suddenly my eye's started the be too heavy and I was put to bed. Yes at Jan's house. Sunday morning, after having been loved by Ginger, Sean and Keeky (the dogs and cat) drove to Becky's house to pick up the yarn AND Mo.
Suddenly a Restful Sunday broke out and we were having Portland fun. We had brunch, then we had tea, then we went shopping, looking into all the funky shops on NW 21st. that are usually closed when we stroll the streets of NW Portland late at night.
We shopped (I did a complete clean out of my fridge at home so needed everything but not alot of things as we are leaving again on Saturday) and bought ingredients for dinner, then realized we didn't have some "hardware" to produce the dinner selection. Off to some kitchen stores and then into some more boutique shops, and of course more tea. Finally back to Becky's for the most fantastic dinner, the second one in as many days. While dinner was being prepared, I got to knit on the Neck Candy.
It was late by this point and after a lovely walk around NW Portland and lots of good food, again, I was put to bed, again, not in the location I had planned on and here I sit still in NW Portland this Monday morning.
I have to tell you Mo wasn't thrilled I was here, at first, and every time I got up and moved something like a bag or my keys he went shooting off under the bed. However when my body hit the bed so did his. He was so happy to sleep with me. I have to be very careful about packing up this morning. Mo is aware that he might be placed in the car, so I think he'll go first, he is a good but reluctant traveler.
Becky's small, yet lovely apartment is awash with singles, yarn, empty toilet paper rolls (our spinners wind off the singles onto these for plying), and plastic bags along with shipping boxes full and empty, in addition to two large Rubbermaid containers. She is glad I'm home and I'm wondering how I'm going to get it all into the car, which is presently loaded with two huge suitcases, and a large cooler filled with lamb! I'm thinking about that later.
It was a mixed up day yesterday, weather wise. First hail then rain then blazing sun. This morning it is very overcast and spotting rain, the real rain, not mizzle.
I am almost done with the third Neck Candy, however my right arm has been throbbing with pains, muscles over used in unfamiliar movement. I'm glad/sorry it is almost done as the real work of TFC HAS to begin today.
Thank you for your healing thoughts for my Mom. She is happy and feels better. However, Sheila needs some healing thoughts could you send some to her now? Thanks
Welcome back to dial up! Hello big quiet (lonely but only for one day) yarn factory!

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