Saturday, April 05, 2008

Better than Drugs

There are those whom say knitting with TFC yarn is like doing drugs. I'm starting to get it. While in the air today I cast on my third Neck Candy this week. Third, this means that two are now finished. Awaiting special buttons Lavender Moon finished, not pictured and then at Oakland Airport this Exchange Neck Candy finished, which has buttons to be sewn on in my bag...

Now a Neck Candy in Katie's Painted Hills. Anyone that knows me knows that I usually have to take drugs to get on a plane, however this is my drug substitute, the marvelous IPod (playing a song that Sarah Anderson gave me) and Neck Candy in Katie's Painted Hills, not only do I get to listen to great music, and think about my friend Sarah, but knit on super yarn and think about Katie, bliss

Here is my new friend Sydney. We met at Knitter's Studio she is showing off her baby blanket almost finished....

Finishing a garment/project is half the battle. Sydney needed to "sew up" the corners of the blanket so I'm teaching her the Kitchener Stitch!

I'm in Portland and using the free internet, listening to a Pan Pipe player and two guitarist's playing, more bliss. It is 50 degrees and raining. I'm in heaven! It is so green here. Jan is cooking dinner for Becky and I tonight and then Mo here I come!

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Sheila E said...

I can TELL that you are HAPPY to be home...and all us Oregon folks are glad to have the Goddess back!
Love your new neck candies!!
Love you even more!!
Welcome Home!!