Monday, March 03, 2008

The Rainbow Song

"Red and Orange, Green and Blue shiny Yellow Purple too, all the colors that I know live up in the Rainbow."
Today all those colors and more live above every heating register with fans blowing on it. I have yarn drying in the office, yarn that is dry in the production room, yarn to be set on bobbins and 15 pounds of fiber drying in the downstairs bathroom. I ran out of cashmere, and cashmere/silk, again. I dyed just about every color that TFC makes today. It was fun dyeing Northwest Summer as I haven't done it in a long while, the fiber echo's the colors that are starting to pop up everywhere here in the Pacific Northwest. Paula's Calypso Cove is perfect and I can hardly wait to get it spun for her so that she can finish the memorial sweater shared with me at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat.
It has been wonderful (and productive) to stay home for two full days. I have another dye session planned for Wednesday, and then I'll be out of fiber completely. My suppliers are going to love me as I have only scratched the surface of the dyeing need. I can't believe that we have at least 50 pounds more of yarn to make.
I'm going out with Audrey tomorrow (to spin, I'm going to try out a new fiber) and then in the afternoon Courtney comes to skein, and there is plenty of it to do.
My nose ran (what next with "The Crud"?) today accompanied by lots of sneezing, I'm still coughing, but I felt a little more energy today than I have for weeks. I'm glad that I'm not dyeing tomorrow, as I can all ready feel the ache in my hips and back, dyeing is hard work. The fact that there isn't any more room to put wet fiber is also a good excuse.

On a knitting note, my gloves have hit a stumbling block, the pattern, on closer inspection (Audrey and Fay Frei's not mine) was written to be knit on straight needles and then seamed, not having read throughly, I have knit them in the round (on the most wonderful DP glass needles that are simply heaven to knit with). How have I gotten to the fingers following the "straight needle" pattern ("ooohhhhh, no wonder that row said to purl....."), while knitting in the round is anyone's guess. They look OK and more and more like gloves, but now I'm at the finger part and trying to work the pattern with my limited knitting ability has failed, again. I'm glad to know it isn't entirely my fault that I have "hit the wall of knitting" (ok, it was my fault to start the pattern not having read the instructions fully but let's overlook that shall we).
I tried to learn over the telephone today (which is how I learned to turn and complete a heel some years ago, although the telephone bill for that call was $53). However it was pointed out to me not only the time it would take for this lesson but also the chances of success with telephone knitting lessons and re-writing patterns over the telephone on the fly, was next to none. The kindly yarn shop owner pointed out, yarn was not getting made, for not only her shop, but any other, and insisted it was worth it to her to just knit them for me (or does she want to knit with the Lavender Moon???ummmm) herself. I started to whine about how I wanted to learn how to knit gloves and that it was my fondest wish to have these gloves for my trip and, and ....I was reminded how much yarn I could have made while wasting time whining and "just send them" period, end of story. So now I will send these partially made gloves (with the most gorgeous double pointed needles) away with the promise that one day I will be taught how to do gloves, (don't get me wrong, I really appreciate said yarn shop owner willingness to do this but feel guilty and sad that I'm not doing it myself but less than I really want these gloves) but only when I have shipped out lots of yarn. I have found two other pairs of unfinished gloves in my stash. They are both completed up to the fingers too. One day I will make gloves but it won't be in the near or even sort of near future, after all we are going into spring and there is 50 + pounds of yarn to make.........

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Sheila E said...

Now that you know how to do the gloves...up to the fingers...why not take a pair made *that far* the next time that you visit....said Yarn Store Owner ;)....
How wonderful that she's willing to finish them for you! She ROCKS!
Wow, sick and everything, you have been working hard My Sweet...good that you are taking time off today!