Thursday, March 06, 2008

One day on one day off

Yesterday was the first day I felt "any kinda decent" today however I awoke to a headache and stuffy noise again. Courtney is here again, she's doing a great job, so I'm taking a break from yarn and I'm sort of hiding out in the office. Not that there isn't any work I could be doing in the office, the taxes cometh, but my head isn't much better and my energy level is low.
I did have a really good day yesterday, I woke feeling better than I had in weeks and got the some of the last boxes off to spinners and several boxes out to yarn shops, Wild Fiber, Hill Country Weavers, Knitterly and Handmade are all getting yarn this week.
There are many more skeins as Becky and I had 41 skeins plied as of 10:00 pm last night, today they are being skeined by Courtney. We will make our goal of 100 skeins this week as we had many more that needed skeining in the cubbies.
I found that I had done 16 pounds of dyeing the other day, glee and surprise to find one extra pound and really planned on dyeing today before I awoke with such a headache. My neck is funny too which is probably the cause of the headache.
The fiber is mostly weighed out and sent out, yeah! The yarn shop cubbies are almost empty again, but soon to be filled with more yarn. Over 10 pounds, Becky and I figured last night. Just 50 more........
Mike is now counting the days until I arrive in Long Beach Airport, March 16th. I am also counting as it will have been 8 weeks since we've been within touching distance of one another.
Mo will be going to stay with Becky, and she is excited to have him visit. I have many open daffodills in the garden and if I feel better I'll make a trip into town for downloading pictures. I have some from Beth of Shadow that made me cry. I can hear the winder stopping and not in a good way, off to label lots of yarn! Look for good fiber and yarn soon!

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clara said...

i bet courtney is counting down the days 'til she comes down with the plague... sneeze on her for me, would you?

love ya!