Thursday, November 08, 2007

On the road day 1

We made it! All packed with every piece of spinning and knitting equipment that I have plus all of Becky's worldly possessions. We had a very pleasant day drive to Monterey Penn. to Pacific Grove and Deer Haven Inn, where there are actually deer! They stroll all over the road and even in the little park across the street. We have dropped the trailer parked on the street, but this is the end of the adventure, let's start at the beginning.
Mike got up this morning complaining of sleeping with a chain saw, I apologized but really if you don't even know your doing it? Anyway let's just say the morning started early, every last thing in the truck we're off around 6:00 am. I talked Becky into stopping at Solvang, where her roots came from. For those whom may not be familiar with California, this is a reproduction Denmark shopping and eating town. There is all things Danish, and where Mike's Grandmothers family (Larsen's) had settled and where she met Charlie Andersen, (well I think they met in San Francisco, but you get the picture) there is every kind of bakery treat in every other shop. We did stop at Village Spinner, and I bought darning needles so as to mend a couple of socks.
If you see this truck honk if you like yarn!

After walking around and having a meal and treat, we decided to get on the road again. Next stop Pismo Beach....

I had seen a program on LA TV about Monarch Butterflies a long time ago, and thinking how I'd love to see them. Monday the program was on again, with an announcement that the Monarch's were back! So we stopped at the North Pismo Beach State Beach and saw lots of Monarch Butterflies. They mostly looked like dead leaves but several fluttered around, but the temperature was so low they were really quiet. It was cold! I was cold! It was about 49 degrees burrrr
There are butterflies on this tree

A very fuzzy picture of a Monarch caterpillar, eating Milk Weed, of which we got two kinds of seeds (to grow the plants) to feed the caterpillars!

We arrived in Pacific Grove and dropped the trailer, went to dinner at a fab place called PassionFish, stop by if you are in the neighborhood!
Tomorrow the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Knitting by the Sea yarn shop in Carmel....they don't know what's coming hehehe


Erin said...

I can NOT believe that you were in Pismo Beach and did not call us. Oh, my gosh. I was IN Pismo Beach yesterday, having lunch.

(When I saw you were going from LA to Marin, I assumed you were flying...)

Becky Rose said...

Sorry, Erin....we feel really bad about that. Next time, we promise!

Erin said...

Aw. don't feel bad! We know you guys had a schedule, etc, but OH! The Irony! (We had just been talking about Monarch Grove, too. Can you believe we haven't been? Next time, definitely, and we'll have a glass of bubbles at the Cliffs!