Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Picture Day

There has been no time for pictures, we've been making oodles of yarn, lots and lots of yarn, a huge amount of yarn. We sent off boxes to Knit Stop, String and Knitterly today and tomorrow Hill Country Weavers goes out. If you need good yarn those are the places you should go to get some.
Becky has been plying so much that now we are both wearing band-aids on our fingers, don't know if I can get matching finger-nail polish for the band-aids, since tomorrow is the grand remodel of Trish Andersen, frumpy almost 50 year old to Trish Andersen stylish upscale maker of good (some might say great yarn but I'm trying to be modest) yarn. We are still making yarn, tonight is our plying night (Becky can do 4x as many skeins as I can because I've been doing beaded yarn and it hasn't gone very well) and then tomorrow before "The Makeover" I'll be at exercise in the morning, ok who's writing this?
Becky might have found an apartment (the person in front of her "didn't qualify") we'll know tomorrow for sure.
She doesn't even want to talk about going to Petaluma to get the Hoosier Cabinet, she only wants to talk about getting around in New York. If you see two ladies struggling along carrying a spinning wheel and two huge suitcases in the subway say HI 'cause that'll be us, I'll be the one in the Keens foot-ware (at least until I get to String Shelli!!)
I know I'm going to Stitches West in the new year! Shelli (Knitterly) has invited me to attend as part of her booth, more fun with Shelli and the Knitterly gang, can the knitting world survive?
It has been cold here, last night it bucketed rain, mixed with hail and snow, it was cold enough that this morning the hills the front room looks out onto were snow covered and when I really looked carefully the herd of Elk was strolling along in the field across the road. The cats think they should spend time in the garage which isn't what In think, Becky's belongings are sort of unloaded, poised in the garage to either go back on the trailer or up to her room, frankly I'm to tired and sore to help much with the lifting of furniture, I can hardly wait for all the energy this exercising is going to give me. I like the cardio but the strength training sucks.....
Saturday is Emma and Don's baby shower! Now we have to go make more yarn! Keep warm thoughts


Karen said...

Your poor fingers! Thanks for the fiber to spin it arrived yesterday. Recreational spinning goes back into storage - Hello Superwash Merino!

Sachi said...

Gosh, I sure miss you. I need to come visit some day.