Monday, November 26, 2007


Josi came promptly at 9:00 am. and I got up at 8:53 am, having a little lay in before the work of today hit, not thinking of what happens on Monday morning. This morning changed from lay around drinking tea and having a leisurely breakfast to clean up the house time. So I got all my stuff upstairs and the stuff upstairs came downstairs, the stuff in the living room (I.E. 10 pounds of Super-wash Merino, 5 pounds of 60%Merino/20%Angora/20%Cashmere and the 3 pounds of 50%Cashmere/50% Silk) went into the dye studio.
The clothes that have needed hanging up for at least a week have been hung up and now the basket is cleared all the dirty laundry is in the laundry room, the suit case has been emptied in preparation for our road trip, and the trash can has been emptied, but not in the office. Katie you wouldn't be happy with the office today although I did clean a lot of things up this morning, but truth be told you wouldn't be happy. I found the new container of Vicks in the shoe box along with some toilet paper rolls (empty ones the spinners use) in the production room, ala Charlie. One of the bags we had him fill was on the floor in the office, I went through it and put things in order. Josi did vacuum the office so you know the floor was clear enough to vacuum. Having got dressed (just to warm up) it was time to go to town. It is freaking cold out, here is a view of yet another job not yet completed, the raking of the leaves at Tanglewood Fiber Creations

I loaded the car and gave up on the dial up this morning and took the computer to town. This is what the dash said the temp was outside. It was the same in the car as well until I got the seat heater going. Today I have owned this car a year!
Every spinner (well just about, Elda and Kathleen had a personal delivery) is out of fiber, here we are at the post office again. People ran ahead of me, and not to open the door :>(

Tomorrow is shipping out yarn day. I'll send boxes ahead of my trip on Thursday! String and Knit Stop Look out!


Sheila E said...

It's Frickin Cold here too! The fire has been started and my coffee is steaming....and it was Great, as usual, to hear what you all have been up to.
Sounds like a busy December, January and February for you My Dear!!...But then, lets not get ahead of ourselves!!
Take good care!!....and Enjoy NY!!
I didn't know that you were allowed more than one pair of shoes ;)

Anonymous said...

you make me dizzy lady!! but it is fun for this hermit to follow your adventures. Just wanted to let you know my legs are enjoying the new Roberta and to congrat you on all your yarn sucess!! Cheryl N.