Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arizona day 6 & 7

The phone began ringing at 7:30 am, Mike, Steven, Glen and Skyler (Glen and Steph's daughter) had left the morning before at 4:00 am, with the rental truck, "Where are my keys?" my poor husband asks me, "gee let me look, yes they are here!" Spinners, Yarn shop owners and out of town siblings all calling, I checked out of the hotel at 10:30. I went to the "rehabilitation" hospital where the food is cold and no baths are necessary or desired (at least for the staff). We waited and waited and waited, so Steph and I went to the house to meet the realtor, finally at 6:00 pm they transfer MIL to Camino de Carino. We then searched most of Tucson for an open restaurant, This is Sanchez the restaurant mascot and I

The family wanted to see where MIL lives now, this is the entry hallway of Camino de Carino

here is where everyone eats even us if we had want to

Meet Carl he is sitting in the family room (large plasma tv hangs above the fireplace but I loved the murals more)

This is my favorite, the terrace, of course because of the purple but also because the humming birds come here

This is the therapy pool, in the dark but during the day it is a sparkling blue

This is MIL's room with Stephanie looking on ( she was rolling her eyes at me as I was endless taking pictures) while Roxy gives MIL a kiss goodnight

This is the sunset view from the front door

Sunset slowly sinking in the west, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm we got back to the house packed up, said good bye to Roxy and FIL and the left for LA at 9:30 pm. Stephanie and I drove and drove and drove and drove and then stopped for a break and met a nice young man who saved us from a scorpion that was walking across the floor when we went back to the car we saw a bunch of these fellows catching the moths

more driving and driving and driving and we get to Indio, these flowering shrubs were all over Tucson and I loved them but with all the coming and going I never got a shot but at 3:30 am in the Shell station we snapped this picture

4:30 am saw us at Stephanie's house unloading the furniture by the light of the eclipsing moon. I swiftly got onto the 91 freeway into rush hour traffic and home to Lakewood at 5:45 am. Mike and Becky were getting ready for work. Kitten now has a name "Tut" and he is doing very well and snuggled up for a moment and then off to eat breakfast. Mo came in for a lovely cuddle until Tut hopped up on the bed and Mo disappeared. Time passed and I became aware of life again at 2:45 pm on what I think is Tuesday. Yarn is hanging on bobbins, and knitting has been taken apart twice. Back to bed soon...........
here ends this adventure in Tucson AZ

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Donna said...

Reading this has been like reading one of those epic poems. Wow, what a story!

The kitty is really cute. What a scrappy little guy!

This is Donna from the Tigard Knitting Guild, by the way.