Sunday, August 26, 2007

Arizona day 5

It was a productive day today much of which was spent in blissful air-conditioning, and not one box was packed! We found the best place for MIL and they have accepted her so tomorrow will be brow beating people to arrange all manor of therapies and hospital beds etc. It is a "private" placement IE we pay, it's a lot of money, but we are talking about MIL life. The place she is "housed" now hasn't given her a bath all week, "she didn't want one" she "didn't want" therapy several times this week either, so basically she's been left in a bed to rot. This lady retired in May from serving banquets at Old Tucson for parties of 250 and more. She is 81, she has two new knee's so that she could work more and she gardened. Wendy told us today at the new home, we could bring her favorite chair, I thought for a moment and realized I'd never seen her sit for longer than it took to eat a meal. She has pool to do water therapy, she has a private room, she can have a meal when ever she likes of made to order home cooked food, (I know you want to live there too) they were watching TCM and some were even reading-!! Rather than the vacant staring bodies we had seen before. Even the most effected there greeted us, how can we deny her this chance of making a great recovery? "It's only money, that's what it's for", my (tight, he would say thrifty and ok that would be right) husband said, I cried. We saw lots of jackrabbits and bunny rabbits today not many birds except for the Cactus Wren flitting in the front yard.
I knit on the hat but have decided the accent yard isn't the right thickness (the carries showed through I hate that) and since I found the right yarn (which had fallen out of the cheap plastic bag, I hate but didn't think enough to bring one of the many in St. Helens) and if I don't fall asleep in front of the computer I might rip and start again, but think that there might be a lot of knitting time tomorrow while we hurry up and wait for things to happen. (WARNING WARNING KATIE DON"T LOOK AT THIS PICTURE) When we were leaving I chanced across what I took for a sign my patron Aracneia (hope this is spelled right as Spell Check and I have had a falling out)

Here is Wendy outside of Camino De Carino MIL new home....This fountain can be viewed from her bedroom window.

Kitten update; He is ambling around just great and can now jump on the couch walk along the back to the Siamese fighting fish then take up fishing only to find that the fish is in (nasty) water so curls up around the tank and watches. Cast still in one piece.

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Peggy said...

I have been searching everywhere to find your yarns or how to order them...and found your blog...I live in Tempe, AZ, and boy was I surprised to find out you were visiting our lovely hot state!

I have knit for over 34 of my 44 years...and teach now. AZ is very lacking in fibers like yours...and we only have a few stores...

Please tell me where I can find them...and if I can assist you with anything arizona i'd love to help...thank you so much...and good luck with MIL...i'll email you my info...