Friday, July 20, 2007

Katie's project

Katie's dyeing project was stimulated from several different yarn "needs". Emma doesn't want any pink or purple for any of her children, so making something pink or purple is out. I love pink and purple, this thinking is dated and old ladyish. I have a custom order for yarn to be made into projects that will appear in a book next year. Katie wants to dye something special, and fell in love with baby alpaca.
This is the first test batch done in Corridale X (this means crossbred)

More test yarn that is done in Super-Wash Merino. We both loved it so we took the yarn to Lint and Knitting Bee to see what they thought

Katie talking about being an intern, and showing them the new color-way at Knitting Bee

Not the best photo of two of the best people in the world

SW Merino skein now becoming a scarf, Katie's third knitting
What to call this color-way?

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Donna Arney said...

Hey Trish -

Love the new colorway! It reminds me of the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon, at least on my computer monitor. Check out this picture for comparison:

It also reminds me of the high desert in general. I would call it something like "High Desert Sunset" or simply "Painted Hills".

Love it!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Tigard Knitting Guild next month.