Saturday, June 23, 2007

Knitting Help friends!

WOW I just found out about this site. Hi!! I'm at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene OR. Katie, Becky and I have joined Jan and Neil to show sheep, Jan's not mine. Katie is learning about sheep, yarn and spinning big time. WE have pictures, but the camera and I are not one now, as the hour and the party at every motor home was too fun. Katie says we are going to be caught up with our orders by July. This is a good thing, we are also eating and sleeping even better. Mel Clark is such a great person, talented knitter and huge fan of our yarn. Yes our yarn is on page 159 of Knit 2 Together. Mel is living in Auckland NZ and is opening a new shop and featuring TFC yarn! We are now internationally available (well not yet she isn't open and doesn't have her shipment, yet)
Other news, last week was spent in the dye studio and several new and gorgeous color-ways are coming to a yarn shop near you. We have one in test knitting now that maybe better than Newport Rocks........ If you are near Eugene, Oregon you could knit on the new color-way in the Cashmere and Silk...

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