Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chicken, Chicken who's got the chicken!

Tuesday night Katie and I followed Melissa home and received 4 lovely laying hens. Sally and her 3 friends are friendly and even tempered chickens we hardly knew they were in the car and speculated how many other cars driving through downtown Portland at 10:30 at night might have chickens in them. After placing them into the clean and awaiting stalls, Katie and I were ready for bed.
Time passes
The next morning while working in the office ordering cashmere I heard a chicken below my office window- Toby-Jack (cat volunteer) had tried to "catch" a hen sitting on our back porch. Two of the four were located and encouraged (and happily went) back to the chicken stall. Emma called to ask how many chickens did we have for three were in the front yard looking in the front door. When Katie and I got back from the Chocolate Sheep Gallery, there were only three in the stall.

We looked around the yard and barn no luck and we had found a pile of feathers not a good sign, morning our loss we began to go back to the house when the sharp eyed Katie saw chicken number 4 on the neighbors roof. The neighbor easily caught her and handed her back, here is the rescued hen

Here are the reunited bunch

Here is Katie and Sally!

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Sachi said...

I'm positively DYING that you got to hold a chicken!