Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We make yarn, good yarn the kind ewe like to buy

Today our production was only 38 skeins done. It is good but not enough, never enough.
People ask me all the time, "how long does it take to make one skein?". Today while skeining, (by the way it took Larrissa 6 hours to do 38 skeins, very good, I write all labels by hand, and have them ready for her to weigh and measure then place on the yarn (Thanks Larrissa your the best! ) we added up the time it takes, a conservative estimate is 4 hours per skein. If we got say $10 (we're skilled labor!) per hour, plus materials on each skein, we would have a lot of yarn because it would be so expensive that I can't imagine any one buying it.
I hear all the time, "your yarn is way (too) expensive", yes it is, and now I know how long it takes me and a host of others it's really inexpensive, we are working our brains out for the love of yarn, no one is getting rich here, and boy do we love yarn and people who buy our yarn and people that sell our yarn. So everyone that has purchased Tanglewood Fiber Creations Yarn THANK EWE, we do it with and for love.
I still love to spin, just has been a really hard week (Mike is here in St. Helens so a lot of non-spinning work has been done, but I have to remember these are "support" jobs IE not to have a half of dye studio taken up with trash waiting for a dump run are as important as spinning.... I think we can, I think we can............


Laura said...

I love your yarn Trish! And 38 skeins in one day? WOW!

Cece said...

I just got a skein of your superwash from Knit Knot in Portland! LOVE IT!