Friday, April 06, 2007

Walla Walla

Tonight I'm in Walla Walla with Mike. We've had dinner with Beth and Gary (birthday boy tomorrow) at their new home. I want to move in tomorrow. I saw my room and will take a picture soon. It was a heavenly drive through the Columbia River Gorge, spring has sprung, all of us (yes, this includes Mike-not sure about Shadow) were thinking that the colors of the basalt cliffs against the chartreuse of the new grass, the tan to gold soil and the sage of the sage brush, would make a lovely yarn, so look for Gorgeous Spring coming this fall? I'm working on a Northwest Forest color-way, as well for we stopped for a bathroom break at the Starvation Rest Area. We pulled in and there was a family having a picnic, ummm. December 18th, 1884 a train ran into a 25 ft. snow drift, and for the next three weeks the passengers dug out the train. Imagine being three weeks late, that makes my "time awareness challenge" look lame.
I have noticed a new muscle on my arm, it is in my right forearm, I hold my forearm a certain way while spinning and that makes this long ropey arm muscle big. Wow a new muscle, Curves watch out.

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