Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spinning is Fun

Spinning is fun, love making yarn, just need more hours in the day!

This is what I came home to. Looks like Moses had a fun time with the yarn

I want to apologies to the person I told "I would love to do ....... on Friday, I'll see you then". I can't remember anymore than the fact I said I'd go. I asked Beth had we made plans, no, I called Audrey, nothing planned. Beth called later in the afternoon and asked me to go to Kelly's impromptu birthday party, where I had Beth was chained to the spinning wheel making textured yarn.

This weekend was the Aurora Colony Hand-spinners Guild's Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase. I was seated next to Nancy Hinsch and Judy. I talked them into helping spin the Cashmere in Newport Rocks for Patti at Great Adirondack Yarns. I hope Patti loves the fact that her yarn was spun on Antique Wheels. I was on my friend Neil's American Flax Wheel, which is perfect for spinning cashmere.

This is Nancy, she is showing off one of two sleeves she has knit. She has the body of this Norwegian sweater all ready knit. Isn't it to dye for?

I went to a Blazer basket ball game where a "Knit Out" was held this Sunday evening. We got a lot of free knitting things, way cool, and we got a certificate for Chalapa's at Taco Bell.

Tomorrow I'm cooking lamb and having people over to spin and skien yarn. You are more than welcome, bring your wheel I'll provide the fiber.

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