Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Best Day

These Daffadills where a gift from Audrey several years ago. I managed to plant the last of the hundreds of bulbs a year ago. They are so cheerful and such a promise of Spring.

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Portia said...

Hee! Those are GORgeous! In a funny, related story, Matt and I were out with some friends the other night, and the guy admitted that he didn't know what a daffodil, or even a crocus was! My gasted, it was flabbered, I tell you. AND he was a nineteenth* generation farm boy. But, how does one go about desCRIBing a daffodil to someone who can't conjure up an image? Oh, I tried, I tried...

*Yes. Nine. TEENTH. His family used to own (way back in the day of Missions and Native Americans and Spanish), much of what is now Orange County. Bizarre, I know.