Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend at Jan's

On Friday I taught a Spindling class at Knitting Bee! This was the best class ever! Everyone went home spinning.

Another view of a first rate spinner, need a job?

This is Jan's favorite ewe lamb "Pinky D" she is a character!

It's Monday morning and I'm still at Jan's! I'm sitting in a toasty warm house watching Jan feeding lots of lovely sheep outside in the cool muddy day, I have a slightly mussy head from fun times and Glenlivet, Neil choose lots of wine.
Last night watching "ROME" I spun the lovely little bag of Bison that Myrna's (Stallman) friend gave me at TNNA, she wanted me to spin it "Lace Weight". This is a struggle for me and it was no easy task, but it is done! I have to ply it, hopefully it will stick together..
Jan and I are dyeing silk today for another batch of Portland Nights! I bought a new vacuum this weekend one that has no bag and is made for "people with shedding pets", my old vacuum had a yarn accident last Monday and I'm afraid it's seen it's day, my old friend vacuum I knew it well....
Somehow I'm spending next weekend here as well, shearing fun! It's suppose to be a lovely weekend, can we get all the ewe's sheared? 30 ewes? Wait till Neil hears this plan...
I've made my plane reservations. Flying to LA on Feb.-27 and flying back to Portland March 7th Janel, Alex and Natasha (the new owner of Wild Fiber stop in and say HI if you are in the Santa Monica area) please mark your calendars! March 1st is TAX DAY drum roll please. Please send prayers to Don and Emma, they are having "health issues", living with a two year old (in Brussels) can do that to you......

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clara said...

thanks, auntie trish!

we'll be flying on the 7th, too... that's the plan, at least. back to san fran (we promised don's little old grandma that we would, indeed, return from eastern europe). we don't really want to, though!

we can't wait to see you! lots of fun times this summer at the lavender farm, right?!

love, em and don