Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm a good driver!

Let's face it I do a lot of miles, a lot of driving, but sometimes I have trouble "living in the moment", and get distracted, all I'm going to say is good thing I have plastic on my car instead of Mike's swanky new car. My karma must have been good as the car that was in my blind spot was enough customized that the owner couldn't identify the new damage to her car. "That's OK lady, really, no problem", and off the hook I was onto Fred Meyers to buy larger binder for all our new accounts! WARNING John Paul this is classified information!! Mike doesn't want to know!
I think the fact that Mel Clark is really really moving to New Zealand the end of the week and we spoke for the last time for a while was bumming me, all though Natalie is a sweet heart and I look forward to seeing her at Wild Fiber!
I'm going to be flying down to LA the end of Feb. early March for a quick trip see all my bud's then

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