Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm at the Tapioca Express drinking a Mango green tea boba waiting to hear if Moses has been shot or just had a cat fight, ummm can you guess where I am today?
I never liked cats that much until I fell in love with my Mo, I think we must have been lovers in another life. Since I have been in Los Angeles (Christmas Eve) Mo has been a real couch potato... and as I have been spinning about one pound of yarn a day in preparation for The National Needlework Associations Wholesale show, I didn't notice that my cat was quiet, really quiet, until he chose my computer to lay on. He may have been shot, is this the same nieghbor whom poisoned our other cats? I can't wait to get Mo back to the safety of St. Helens. Here is a picture of a big beautiful but very sick cat.


Sachi said...

Oh, poor baby! He looks EXACTLY like my Mr. Mew.

clara said...

what! what happened to Mo?