Sunday, December 12, 2010

But Wait There's More!

Still in Hawaii (I wish) Here we are on day two and three. This is in the Banyan Tree park in Lahana

Kim this is the Bayan Tree!
Day three we took a ride to Hana. This is a Rainbow Eucaliptus tree
An odd marker in the ferns

A Tulip Tree
Becky Rose

our van
A lite snack of warm banana bread fresh pineapple and coconuts
another scenic stop

Becky wouldn't go down this trail
Neat fruit
Mongoose in the parking lot of our picnic site
a kitty that joined our picnic
Kings and Queens are buried here
black sand beach
more fruit

Then from Hana we took a helicopter ride back to the airport
Becky starts to worry, Eric our pilot
from the air

We made it!
If you are going to Wild Fiber today it will be nice to see you! Will blog more next week when I have a day off, Mike is putting his foot down and insisting I have one day off next week....

1 comment:

Sheila E said...

Beautiful Hawaii. I hope some day to get to go and visit.
I really want to see the black beaches.
It's almost your Birthday...are you ready? I hope so...
Much Love...oh yeah and Mike is right...REST!!