Saturday, July 03, 2010

On the Road Part 6

Crater Lake! After a lovely visit to Knitterly we had to move on....Here we are at the rest stop
And arriving at Crater Lake
Our Cabin in Mazama Village
At the Crater
There was lots of snow and it was cool but not cold except at night
This picture doesn't even begin to show the beauty from the Rim
Mariel and I stopped for a rest while Emily motored on
Emily was on an adventure while Mariel and I went to the Ranger talk, and had fruit and tea....
Here are the girls taking pictures

While waiting for our dinner reservation we sat by the fire in the Lodge and knit
Here we are knitting while the sun set on Crater Lake

As with all good things we come to the end. I got a little sick so we motored home to St. Helens. On Thursday we worked and got unpacked and did laundry. Then on Friday it was back on the road to Becky's house. Cleo, Lily and I were so happy to see each other. Having me plus two cats on the twin blow-up mattress was exciting last night. Today we are regrouping and while I am typing they are watching a movie and knitting. Mariel is hooked totally, Emily is ready to move on to a hat! I'm going to be plying today and then we are going to the Oregon Gardens for an early Fireworks display.
Tomorrow we are going to Jan and Neil's house for a BBQ and such. Then back to St. Helens. We aren't sure if Emma and Don (and the boys) are still going to be in St. Helens as they are very close to beginning their road trip. Mike is driving Wednesday to Oregon to join us at what now is termed "The Compound". Tuesday we are planning our White Water Rafting trip!

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