Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the Road Part 4

After enjoying the scenic drive from The Trees of Mystery to Eureka California we decided to go the movies via Limo ride!
The next day we went for the long drive from Eureka to Petaluma via Ukiah California and we found the best Sushi stop. This is a Pele Goddess roll
Emily viewing the feast
We arrived late at Pat and Bill's house and got a great nights sleep. Next morning after a rocking good breakfast ala Pat we hit the streets of San Francisco here Mariel and Emily on the corner of Haight and Ashbury
Then to Chinatown for lunch
Lombard Street with Emily photographing us driving down
The Golden Gate Bridge
Another view
This was the most amazing Petrified Wood bowl that we saw on a Shop Crawl through Sonoma
I have a fondness for Wind Chimes, these are the largest I have ever had the pleasure of hearing
while touring the downtown we came upon this adobe barracks
The Mission

Emily enjoying the sights of Sonoma

Dinner at Shelli's house and while we were enjoying some knitting time I took a stroll in Shelli's garden. These smell heavenly......
This is the most enormous Eucalyptus tree
Here's Shelli enjoying a cuddle with Waylon

Waylon enjoying his fleece from Jan's flock
Here we are at Knitterly
This is a cashmere scarf knit in the Tangle lace scarf
The mountain of yarn for sale at Knitterly
Dye Day at Knitterly here is the work area outside
Some supplies

Yarn dyed as an example for the dye day
Here we are dyeing

One of the sudents had the good taste to bring these chips for lunch

Louise not only dyed fiber as a new spinner but bought Tanglewood Yarn to knit while waiting for her ride
Mariel Emily and I are beat. Pat has brought us some herbal tea and we are working on our projects and computers. Mariel finished a secret project and Emily finished some homework. I have been spinning and blogging! We are calling it a night. If you are coming to the dye workshop tomorrow get ready for fun!

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